Aesthete: It is the word--Someone with deep sensitivity to the beauty to the ART or NATURE. 
I was so impressed the word and noticed how much I have been adoring and pursuing however still far from it. 

It is said that we are currently in the process of the sixth mass extinction on Earth.
According to research by academics and experts, more than 27,000 species are threatened with extinction, that is more than 27% of all assessed species. (*source : IUCN/Red list ). The destruction of the ecosystem is caused by these multiple causes such as climate change and global warming due to the excessive capitalist economy system and population increase. Scientists continue to be warned that there is no time to wait, it is an urgent situation that all countries in the world have to work together with full power.

I won’t take the saying  "The lord of creation" as a word representing human beings.  We continue to sustain our life by consuming animals or vegitables, the other species is an undeniable fact, and that discriminatory consciousness that gives up their existence in us humanity seems to be deeply connected with the cause of the destruction of nature.

There is only diversity of life. The destruction of the ecosystem due to climate change is a result of the excesses of the capitalist economy system and overpopulation. Scientists continue to warn that there is no time to wait; it is urgent that all countries in the world work together with all their might.  The risk of extinction among animals is a vital sign of the Earth itself, and the human beings who live here inhabit the same biosphere they do. 

Although it is an old-fashioned idea , the earth is a truly miraculous planet in the universe, where such biological diversity exists. I must continue to create works of art that express my respect and gratitude for animals.

                                                                                                                                                                 - Eriko Kaniwa

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