Floral Transformation

The flowers of the tropics are sensual.
Color. Form. Scent.

These flowers are saturated and overflow with the essence of life that symbolizes the delight in its existence on this Earth.

I see this deep sensuality in every tropical plant I encounter. I become conscious of sensations more physical than emotional, as if I were sensing the very forms of the plants as they blossom and ripen. For all beings, sensuality is one of the muses that swirls up from the crucible of energy.

Chaos is a necessary condition for the birth of new things and often whips up waves in the sea of our souls. Even the act of questioning why creation requires chaos is futile. Tropical plants entice us through our five senses to give ourselves over not so much to thought as to a natural state of consciousness.

Strangely enough, I often see mathematical forms in these plants as well. Once we move beyond the limits placed on our understanding by the desire solve chaos like an equation, we find that just as light possesses the contrasting characteristics of both particles and waves, nature is a manifestation of absurdity and sensuality.   When we surrender ourselves to this realization, we become part of a different dimension of nature where new horizons of sensation come into view


The artwork of this project was COMMENDED in Enhanced Category 2017 SONY WORLD PHOTOGRAPHY AWARDS 
It was featured digitally at Somerset House, London as a part of the 2017 Sony World Photography Awards exhibition. 



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