Imaginary Art Forms of Invisible Nature
   - Symmetry of Life


It is my life work to express visually and physically sense the energy from the shapes and patterns of nature. It is also an important part of artistic activity to think how those energy flows affect us humans from the visual work for me.

The symmetry that appears in the body of any living organism is integrated into the gene, but interestingly, the shape of the living organism appears when fragments such as vegetables and leaves are randomly and symmetrically arranged.
At the same time, they look like plankton, bacteria, bugs and insect or organs that act inside and outside our body, and also like symbols of totemism for native people as like Native Americans and Aborigines. It also seems to be a testament to how they perceived natural energy in their daily lives.

These fragments used in the work are vegetables such as cabbage, peppers and mushrooms, marine products such as kelp and squid, and dead leaves.  Densely gathering, swirling, branching, being entangled, repeating, wrapping, etc., I tried to express how the shape of life on the earth is emerging by invisible natural energy from the fundamental part of nature as like of natural history specimen while considering symmetry..
The reason why only one image is not symmetric is that life can break symmetry, as is the arrangement of our internal organs due to inner life activity.
I tried to express it symbolically.

It is almost impossible to express any art without the figure or shape of nature. 
I always think what is our sensibility to decide whether it is beautiful or ugly.

Eriko Kaniwa


Imaginary Art Forms of Invisible Nature
- Quiet Rebellion -

The wind helps me when I want to hear the voice and language of nature, but sometimes I think I can hear it from its shape and texture.
For example, even when the cherry blossom petals dance in the spring, the dead leaves that scatter last fall and pile up on the soil will end their role as part of the tree and will now be part of a larger cycle. It seems to be screaming in the name of silence. However it is not a resistance, but an energetic part of the cycle of life, small fish sometimes flock to make them look like big fish, which may be like that.
A gathering of dead voices that have finished their role are piled up with the wind.


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