Received the Creative Exellence honor from Circle Arts Foundation.

November. 2023
The one of the new series "Mind Scape" goes to British GQ ONLINE November issue.

October. 2023
Participated digitally to the Art Dan Diego 2023 with World Wide Art Promotion.


 October. 2023
Featured in the  AATONAU Blog.

Some works has been featured in the AATONAU website with editor's review.
Click the image.

April. 2023

"Symmetry of life" and "Nautilus Universe" series on the collector's fine art photo book.

The books in the series VISUAL CULTURE published by SERRADIFALCO EDITORE are showcased and updated every year. Every edition includes selected authors. Every book of about 200 pages is published in Italy and internationally distributed, printed in color on Certified FSC paper. The series of books VISUAL CULTURE deals with topics such as visual art, Architecture, Photography, Design, Communication and Graphics. Available on Italian bookshops, on Amazon Europe and major online bookshops.


Dec. 2022
Surprisingly received the certification from the Luxembourg Art Prize although I did not win.  it is absolutely honoured to receive this. Thank you so much to all jury members. I will keep on doing my best. 

Jellyfish series has been selected as "OFFICIAL SELECTION" of IPA-International Pghotography Awards 2022.

The works will be included the IPA annual book. It is my honor thank you so much for all jury members.
Now the series are represented by Al-Tiba9, if you are interested in purchasing the works, please contact to them.


Watery being -Jallyfish #1

Watery being - Jellyfish #2

Watery being - Jellyfish #3


Jan. 2022

"VISUAL CULTURE series of books aim to tell and show the strategic importance of visual communication in all fields. This book is dedicated to photography and photographers of the moment and collects the most interesting shots from all over the world.

The books in the series VISUAL CULTURE published by SERRADIFALCO EDITORE are showcased and updated every year. Every edition includes selected authors. Every book of about 200 pages is published in Italy and internationally distributed, printed in color on Certified FSC paper. The series of books VISUAL CULTURE deals with topics such as visual art, Architecture, Photography, Design, Communication and Graphics. Available on Italian bookshops, on Amazon Europe and major online bookshops.


Nov. 2021
Participaed to the ART EXPO NY, seen in the catalogue. The event was postponed several times, due to the COVID situation. I very
appreciate to the great effort of WWA.
Here is the certification.

May. 2021
Now on sale at AMAZON & BARNS & NOBLE etc.


Mar. 2021
Al-Tiba 9 Online art exhibition  "FUTURE IS TODAY" Vol.2
04-30 March. 2021

 ->  Exhibition Page


Feb. 2021
Jelly fishes and 10 questions Interview on Al-tiba9 issue 07
Altiba9 issue 007 - PHOTOGRAPHY

Dec. 2020
CreativPaper issue 020

ISSUU : Digital
Mag Cloud : Print



Dec. 2020
On British VOGUE Nov & Dec. Jan. issue.

 "Aesthete" series of the ANIMALIA has been featured by the French Media "OPENEYE No8"

Sep. 2020
Winning siver prize of Le Prix de la Photographie de Paris ( PX3 )

PX3 announced the winner of 2020, and the book "Texture of Absurdity" won the silver prize in the Book/Fineart category, also the series "Imagery of the ancient organisms" won the Honorable mention in the Fineart/Digitally enhanced category. Thankyou so much to all jury and stuff members of the award.


May. 2020
Featured at Spotlight Magazine issue.19 curated by CIRCLE ARTS FOUNDATION


May. 2020

April. 2020
British GQ 

March. 2020
Abstract art works are collected as the art book "Texture of Absurdity"
Now on sale at Blurb. or Amazon US.  Publisuhed by "Atlier VGI" NY.
I thank you so much, very appreciate to John O'dnnel, Masumi O'dnnel, of the publisher Atlier VGI N.Y. and to he Maria of ARTE GLOBALE.

Jan.  2020
Released "Nautilus Universe" new series.
See ---> Gallery 

Nov.  2019
Participated to fotofever Paris 2019 continuosly the last year. and "
Another Tropic" was featured in the Collectors Apartment.
Thank you Arte Globale, Maria Teresa, for such this great effort.


Nov. 2019
POLLUX AWARD EXHIBITION at FotoNostrum Gallery, Spain Barcelona.
Thank you everthing Julio Hirsch-Hardy, the direcotr of FotoNostrun Gallery.


Oct. 2019
Solo exhibition as the prize of POLLUX PHOTOGRAPHY AWARDS at Gallery FOTO NOSTRA Barcerona Spain Oct 7.

June 2019
"Aesthete" of the ANIMALIA project won the overall winner of POLLUX PHOTOGRAPHY AWARDS 13th 2019
It is my great honor, so much appreciating, and now the tiger image is on the TOP page of whole THE PHOTOGRAPHY GALA AWARDS.


May 2019


May 2019
The Tiger of Animalia series went to the ad featured on WIRED May/June 2019 issue.


March 2019
Some works was featured in the London Life Magazine January and February issue.

Feb & March 2019
Zebra & Snow Leopards goes to British GQ ONLINE



March 2019 
Shibuya Station Exhibition by Contemporary Art Station
Participated with the ZEBRA, to the  SHIBUYA STATION EXHIBITION in Japan, March 5-11th during the TOKYO ART FAIR.


Dec. 2018
ZEBRA - Life Circulation with ART EDIT of HOUSE & GARDEN 


Dec. 2018
Tancho Cranne went to the greeting from FOTOFEVER  PARIS 2018

Such this honor and my appreciation to ARTE GLOBALE and FOTOFEVER PARIS 2018.
From me too wishing you will have a wonderful holidays.

Nov. 2018
THE 12TH POLLUX AWARD announced winners

POLLUX AWARD of THE PHOTOGRAPHY GALA AWARDS announced winners and the "Metallized Molecule" series won the title Winner of Digital Manipulation Category. I very appreciate to the Juror Philip Brookman, Consulting Curator of the National Gallery of Art, Washington, DC and all staff members of the award.
I will keep up my works with this honor. Thank you so much.

Oct. 2018
9 Works will go to Fotofever of PARIS PHOTO week 2018

This is so exciting news. 9 works of mine will go to Paris Photo / Fotofever 2018 and its Collectors House under management of ARTE GLOBALE.
Such a great oppotunity, I thank you so much Maria Teresa who is a CEO of ARTE GLOBALE, and the team for your support. Way looking forward to it. 

Oct. 2018
"Nautilus Universe" won 3rd. place of IPA

Delighted to announce that a work from the series " Nautilus Universe" won the 3rd place of INTERNATIONAL PHOTOGRAPHY AWARDS 2018. Digitally enhanced Category. I appreciate this honor to all jury members. Thank you so much.

Oct. 2018
Joined a member of jury - WORLD WATER DAY PHOTO CONTEST 2019

Honorably have been invited to join to WORLD WATER DAY PHOTO CONTEST.
No water No life.  
Relationship of nature and we human being is such a big concern to my creation / philosophy.
Very happy to be involved in.  Please take your check.

Sep. 2018
Released New works for "Spritual Landscape" project

New color verision of Spritual Landscape. These works will go to Paris Photo/ Fotofever 2018.
See gallery -> Floating Sanctuary

Aug. 2018
Interview released.

I had such a great opportunity to reveal  my practise and my philosophy by NY ART News. Thank you Karpan, for good review.
See -> NY ART News online

May. 25 2018

Updated our Provacy Policy

We updated our Paivacy Policy due to the GDPR came into effect on 25th May 2018. with respecting the law although our studio is located Tokyo Japan. Please review chance by chance following your needs. --> Privacy Plocy Page.

May. 2018
Released new series "Metallized Molecule

Let me announce that a new seires  "Metallized Molecule" have been released.
Recently I have been being into how we human organic being could harmonaize or get fusion with AI mechanical matter. This concept is represented many movies as like "MATRIX" and "Blade Runner". I really love this philosophical concept and I will keep on expoloring the theme. These images are my experimental vision that are coming from within and am using the nautilus motif as an organic architectual metaphor. I hope you will enjoy. --->> Gallery


March. 2018

Honorably three works of Spiritual Landscape in Japan sereis won the ROYAL ART PRIZE 2018 V EDITION.
I could hardly say my appreciation enough to judge panel and all support of RAP team. 
The prize is 2 weeks of solo exhibition at  Royal Opera Arcade Gallery or La Galleria Pall Mall. in 2019.
Stay in touch, I will keep up muy works and would like to do my best for sure.
Please see more about the prize details  ROYAL ART PRIZE 2018 

COLLABORATED with EPSON at CP+ PHOTO IMAGING SHOW- the biggest photo imaging fair in JAPAN.
It was a really exciting opportunity, collaborated  with EPSON - one of the biggest printing hardware & software company in Japan at CP+ PHOTO IMAGING SHOW 2018.   I felt excited to see my series work, "Mythical Chicken- Birds of Japanese Myths and folklore" and "Lone Elephant" were on the wall. I appreciate really to all people who were involved in and indly gave me such this great opportunity. Thank you so much.

CP+  PHOTO IMAGING SHOW 2018 at Yokohama,  EPSON company space

CP+  PHOTO IMAGING SHOW 2018 at Yokohama,  EPSON company space  

March. 2018
I am delighted to know one of the series "Nautilus Universe" has been selected as COMMENDED by SWPA.
The work will be exhibited at Somerset House in London UK.
More to see the series, plese visit the Gallery.
Thank you so much for all juries.
Feburuary. 2018
Exhibition at Royal Arts Prize, London UK.

 I am so happy to announce that 3 peices of my project Sprotual Landscape in Japan will go to Royal Art Prize, Feb.26- March 9.

This is an incredibly great opportunity for me, the first time exhibition out of Japan.
Now on production procedure, cannot wait to be there and to meet new artistice peeople.
If any of you would be there, please come and visit.

November. 2017
Really feel honored to know that Meotoiwa series won the title ND Discovery Of The Year 2017 of NEAUTRAL DENSITY PHOTOGRAPHY AWARDS. At the same time, won the ND Fine Art Discovery of the year and 1st prize in the Landscape category. This year, HONOURABLY won some titles of international awards, probably this is the last one within this year.  I would like to say thank you so much to all juries and staffs of ND AWARDS 2017. You can see the awards winning series in this gallery.

October. 2017

So excited and honor to tell you that some prizes has come on my first photo book "Jokei- Nature Worship, Sacred Places in Japan" 1st and 2nd prizes Book- Self published, Fine art and Other category. Also 3rd prize on Tancho- Japanese crane series in Nature/Wildlife category. And I need to say some honorable Mentions for some series works in multiple categories.  Both of them are in Non pro div. I really would like to say thank you so much for juries, publisher - Japan Create,  my family, my gears, and all of people who were involved in this project.


April. 2017
3rd Edition of FAPA - FINE ART PHOTOGRAPHY AWARDS announced winners.
It's honor to announce that Tancho - Japanese crane series was chosen as 1st place of professional division in the Wildlife Animals category FAPA.
Floral transformation Series, Yomegashima, Shirahige shrine, and Tara single images from Floating Sanctuary series- Nominee 
I very appreciate it to all juries of the awards and I would like to say thank you to my derarest people including my family.
This is such a big milestone for me because 1st place and 2nd place of any awards is the very first time in my photographic career.
I will keep up my works.    
Special Thanks to Makoto Ando, Shinobu Andoi, Kenta Mouri, Joel Tjintjelaar, Think SCIENCE,  Misa Horiba, and my dearest family.
Banner Design, Coutesy of Dr. Akira TAKAUE   

April. 2017
Released "Chicken of Japanese Myth" gallery.
For this project, I went to Nara prefecture, and spent whole 2 days with them.
They are extremely elegant, that was really happy moments for me in the warm winter sunlight.
You may purchase all images, please contact me if you have any need.

March. 2017
Shortlist revealed : 2017 SONY World Photography Awards 
I am happy to announce this the new s#SWPA announced the all winning, shortlisted and commended images finally -- applications total 227,596. My work has been selected as COMMENDED in the Enhanced category, it will be exhibited at the Sony World Photography Awards & Martin Parr - 2017 Exhibition at Somerset House, London. I very very appreciate to all juries and staffs of the wonderful competition. I will keep up my works! 

Feb. 2017
Released "Eagle" gallery and Tancho crane gallery.

I went to Hokkaido last year January. And almost 800 shots of Tancho cranes and eagles and the other birds. They are extremely beautiful in the minus20 degrees celsius in the coldest land, I was totally overwhelemd to see their lives. This time I am really happy to make them as artworks. I tried to depict them not only as wild life animal photography but also as fine art in an aesthetic way.  Plese click the photos and see the galleies. 


Tancho - Red crown crane



Jan. 2017
MONOCHROME AWARDS 2016- International Black and White Photography Contest announced winners. 

I am happy to announce that my work " Mitsukejima" and "Organic Sanctuary"got Honorable Mention of MONOCHROME AWARDS 2016 - International Black and White Photography Contest. I very appreciate it and I will keep up my work.


Dec. 2016
Released "Meotoiwa- Wedded rocks" gallery

There are some locations of Meotoiwa- Wedded rocks scape in Japan not only Ise Futamigaura, Mie prefecture. I went to four prefectures in Kyusyu and Honsyu for this project. Meotoiwa, based on Japanese mythology, is also symbol for nature worship from ancient era as well as torii gate. 

Dec. 2016 
ND AWARDS 2016 announced winners.
I am happy to announce that Water Vein series got Honorable mention of ND AWARDS 2016, FINE ART: CONCEPUTRUAL category.    Now feeling really honored and i would like to say much appreciation for the juries. I will keep up my works.

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