Something is missing for my body
That sense I've always felt since I was a child
I know there is only degeneration being named a stigma on the back

There are reasons to have no wings
It is this sense of loss
It is this pain of soul

By continuing to feel the loss
By continuing to fight against that pain
The world will be mine

You can become unite as one with this world, with this body
You can become unite as one with this world, with this body..............

Please tell me the bliss of loss
Tell me about the wonder of gravity, that is closer to the earth and far from HOME
Tell me no difference between life and death
Tell me living on earth planet is as powerful as humiliation of as a human

Heal me everything with your WINGS of TIME

- Eriko Kaniwa

Monologue : Tears octave β
Dedicating to Vicram Seth

I sometimes feel music in TIME.
TIME is cluel, but at the same time,  it's gentle as like having wings taking our sorrow away.
I met a poet written by Vikram Seth- Indian novelist& Poet - It driven me to create a short reel with using my Wings series.

By doing this, I felt an ache in my soul has been eased.
I blieve it was bitterness of the earth. Our Home, Our Motherness.


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