Bloom for you  / Love beyond gender

A sensual wave sweeps by, like a swarm of bees passing without the buzz of wings. Sometimes in the darkness, sometimes beneath the moonlight—recently, more and more artists are coming out as gay or lesbian. Music is garrulous, piercing through every intruding thought, seeping between the beats and permeating every cell in the body with an undulating groove and evocative of queer sensuality that straight people cannot feel.  When I attempt to express this phenomenon visually, I find flowers to be the most fitting motif. No other form expresses immorality and sanctity as beautifully as plants do. In this series, I attempt to go beyond the categories of LGBTQ, and straight to reveal the sensuality of private but active encounters hidden in the monochrome darkness, illuminated only by the moonlight.

Inspired by “Bloom”, - A song by Troye Sivan

                                                                                                                  - Eriko Kaniwa



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